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Medical services will be billed to insurance plans through our office, utilizing the billing services of Kareo, as of February 2016.  For patients whose families would be paying Dr. Lerner as an out-of-network physician, please contact her office to discuss anticipated fees.  

For parents who are seeking another viewpoint on their child's current care, or would like a follow-up visit to discuss a child's ongoing care by Dr. Lerner, but do not want the child present for the appointment, please be advised that Dr. Lerner's advice will be best given following a thorough physical examination, including current height, weight, and pubertal status.   Should a family desire such an appointment, they are welcome to call our office to discuss fees and to set up an appointment.


Dr. Lerner's out-of-network status does not impact patients' costs for prescription medication or labwork, as long as families continue to utilize in-network formularies and facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories.  


Copayments and coinsurance may be paid using cash, a check made out to "Shulamit Lerner MD", debit/HSA cards, Visa and Mastercard. 


Copayments, coinsurance, and out-of-network office fees are due at the time of your child's appointment.


   Aetna plans

   Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans


   The Empire Plan of United Healthcare

   Montefiore HMO, LLC

   Oxford Plans

   United Healthcare Commercial Plans

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