Shulamit Lerner, MD has been a pediatrician and pediatric endocrinologist caring for children in the New York area and beyond since 2001.  Following fellowship training at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New-York Presbyterian, she conducted research and saw patients for a decade as a member of the faculty practice.  She is now proudly affiliated with the Children's Hospital at Montefiore, providing care that incorporates a holistic philosophy with the latest research in pediatric endocrinology.  


In 2015, Dr. Lerner transitioned from the Columbia faculty practice to a solo private practice in Riverdale.  Patients and their families now have direct access to her, both through the patient portal for general concerns, as well as the above toll-free number for urgent matters/emergencies.  She is thrilled to be able to provide continued personal and personalized care to patients and their families.  

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To schedule an appointment


If you are registering for the Portal for the first time, please call the next business day we are open, at which time our office will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. At that time, your username and password will be sent to the email address you provide, in order for you to use the portal following your child's initial visit.

Parents of existing patients may continue to utilize the patient portal to make follow-up appointments, or call the office at the number above to schedule appointments, Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, unless the office is closed according to the following schedule:


Dr. Lerner's schedule:


Open for appointments:     Monday/Wednesday 3-5 pm

                                                Tuesday/Thursday, 8:30 am - 5 pm

                                                with late hours Tuesday evening 5 pm-7 pm


Friday appointments:          September 10, 17

                                                October 8

                                                November 5

                                                December 3

Office closed:                        July 19-26

                                                August 23-31

                                                September 6-8, 15-16,

                                                September 20-22, 27-29

                                                November 25

                                                December 30-Jan 3

To request or send documents to Dr. Lerner's office secure email, please use the address below to officially request the Information. 


You will receive an automatic reply stating:  

Please be advised that while our email address is considered HIPAA compliant, it does not guarantee the safety of you or your child's medical information if your email is not similarly secured. Should you decide not to receive this paperwork via email, we are able to mail or fax it to you, also meeting HIPAA requirements.

Please email us your child's name (or your name, as appropriate) as documentation that you have read the above and request the documents sent. This email signature will remain valid until further notice from you.

A small fee will be charged for documents 10 pages or longer.


For new patient appointments: Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to accommodate the time needed to fill our paperwork prior to medical care.  If you would prefer to fill out paperwork at home, below is a link for you to download, print, and fill out your forms.   A notice of privacy practices is available in the office for you to read before completing all signatures.

Dr. Lerner requests you bring your child's growth records, blood test results, genetic testing, and bone age images for her to review and discuss with you at the appointment.

Update 8/2021: Office visits continue, but with the rise in Delta COVID-19, all visits will start in your car via televisit. Thereafter, once all are confirmed well and without COVID exposure, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated children and families, we will review the child's interim health. We will then proceed to a masked visit, and follow-up as needed in the office, as well as from your car. 

If I am seeing you solely via telehealth, I will text you with a link at the time of the appointment.

If I am seeing you in the office, I very much look forward to seeing you in good health, and wearing your masks!

About Shulamit Lerner

Dr. Lerner strives to provide scientifically-based, compassionate care of patients and attend to the needs of their families.  She aims to educate families to fully understand their child's condition, to work as a partner with parents to determine an appropriate course of therapy. 


Shulamit Lerner grew up in several states in the Northeastern United states, graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She trained in general pediatrics through a program combining Montefiore and Jacobi Medical Centers, followed by a fellowship at Columbia University's Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian to further specialize in Pediatric Endocrinology.


For the following ten years, Dr. Lerner remained at Columbia, teaching, conducting research, and seeing patients in both upper Manhattan and Riverdale. Dr. Lerner has a particular interest in nutrition, encouraging her patients to take steps toward a lifestyle that meets their body's needs for optimal well-being.   She is delighted to learn from and work with all medical practitioners, including integrative specialists, to maintain the teamwork required to optimize care of an individual child. With her private practice, she is thrilled to be more available, and bring even more personal attention to her patients' care. She is in-network for all major commercial plans.


Outside of work, she enjoys exploring nature, cooking and eating world cuisines, and supporting local cultural venues with her family.

Specialized evaluations for:


  • Short stature

  • Slowed growth

  • Early puberty

  • Delayed puberty

  • Menstrual Irregularity/Absence

  • Overweight

  • Insulin resistance

  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

  • Adrenal insufficiency

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Low or elevated calcium

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • Pituitary Adenomas

  • Hormone replacement after brain tumor