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Please note that Dr. Lerner has been out of network with all insurance plans since January 2024.

Services are billed directly to families, utilizing the billing services of Tebra and Stripe. 

Out-of-network status means only that physician visit fees are paid directly to the physician.

This does not impact patients' costs for prescription medication or blood tests.  Families should continue to utilize in-network formularies and facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories. 


There is a $400 new patient appointment fee.

Follow-up appointments are $250.

Simple clarifications of recommendations, a report to your physician, and quick reporting of normal/expected results to you are included following each visit.

More individual responses will be prorated at $250/hour. This includes more extensive reviews of results with parents, explanations and/or recommendations for evaluations or medications/supplements, prior authorization paperwork, as well as communicating with pediatricians and insurance companies.


A "Superbill" will be provided to you following every visit and interaction, which you can submit to your insurance plan for out-of-network reimbursement of your payment.


Cash, debit/HSA cards, Visa and Mastercard and AMEX are accepted.  

Fees are due at the time of your child's appointment.

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